What is new in a product like INNOVEX+?

Innovex is a revolution in the world of hair rebuilding products: it is not used before or after a chemical hair treatment, but instead during the hair coloring, bleaching or texturing process. The innovative Nio-Rebuilding Complex rebuilds the bonds inside of the hair, making hair strong and ensuring even growth.

What can I do with INNOVEX+ that I couldn’t do before?

You can color, bleach or apply permanents on hair that has already been subjected to chemical treatments more safely and reliably.In fact, Innovex acts on the inside of the hair and fortifies it.

Is INNOVEX+ easy to use?

YES. Builder N°1 should be added to the ready-to-use mixture (e.g. hair color or bleach + peroxide), respecting the mixing ratio indicated for each type of chemical hair treatment.

Can it be used with any brand of product?

YES, it can be added to any chemical hair treatment by any BRAND.

Does it change the application procedure and time?

NO, the application procedure and time remain exactly the same.

Does it change the development time?

NO, all development times remain exactly the same.

Who can apply INNOVEX+?

Any client that is having a chemical hair treatment applied.
It can also be used as a simple rebuilding treatment on particularly damaged hair.

When is INNOVEX+ most effective?

The efficacy of Innovex is most evident during hair color, bleaching, highlights and similar treatments. These types of products tend to damage the hair structure more than others during the chemical process. Applying a chemical hair treatment with INNOVEX today means protecting the structure of the hair, maintaining its natural elasticity.